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-- Accompanied by a Preview "Primary piRNA biogenesis: caught up in a Maelstrom"

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-- Accompanied by Preview "LINE-1 of Evidence for Fetal Oocyte Attrition by Retrotransposon" by S. Chuma.
-- Also described in "World of Reproductive Biology: Retrotransposons May Kill Off Fetal Oocytes" by C. Schubert at Biology of Reproduction.

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-- Accompanied by a commentary "Sorting Out Meiosis" by David Stuart

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-- Designated as "VIP" - a very important paper by the journal

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-- Accompanied by Perspective "Retrotransposon Silencing by piRNAs: Ping-Pong Players Mark Their Sub-Boundaries" by S. Chuma and R. Pillai

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-- Accompanied by a Comment "A Descent Into the Nuage: the Maelstrom of Transposon Control" by K. A. O'Donnell, K.H. Burns and J.D. Boeke.

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-- An "All time highly accessed" article at BMC Developmental Biology

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-- Highlighted in Nature's "News and Views" commentary "Gene Expression: Silent Clones Speak Up" by W. Reik and W. Dean


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