Friday, June 15, 2018 - 8:00am

 9:10am   -  Allan Spradling

                   “Symposium Perspective”

 9:30am   -  Dorothee Kern

                   "Evolutionary drivers of thermoadaptation and allosteric regulation"

10:30am  -  Julius Brennecke

                   "Hacking the gene expression machinery for genome defense"

11:15am  -  Jef Boeke

                   "LINE-1 retrotransposons and their intimate connection to the S phase of the cell cycle"

 1:30pm   - Joanne Chory

                  "Fifty Shades of Shade: How plants respond to dynamic changes in their local light environment"

 2:15pm   -  Andrew Whitehead

                   "Evolution in the anthropocene: The genetic basis of rapid and repeated adaptation to environmental pollution in fish from urban estuaries"

 3:15pm  -  Leslie Vosshall

                   "Understanding and modulating mosquito attraction to humans"

 4:00pm  -  Harmit Malik

                   "Genetic conflicts during meiosis and the origins of species”