Friday, June 14, 2019 - 8:00am


The topic for this year’s mini-symposium broadly highlights the various symbiotic, organismal and environmental interactions that are common to life on Earth and features a diverse number of model systems of study. The speakers for this event include: Jocelyne DiRuggiero (JHU, extremophiles), Stefan Sievert (Woods Hole Oceanographic, deep sea vents), Rick Grosberg (UC Davis, multicellularity), Linda Rayor (Cornell, sociality among spiders), Raghu Parthasarathy (U. Oregon, microbial—cell membrane interactions), Alison Gould (California Academy of Sciences, symbiosis in marine bioluminescence) and our keynote, Deborah Gordon (Stanford, ant colony mutualism). 

The Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Embryology will open its doors for a light breakfast at 8:00am, and Carnegie Scientists Joseph Gall and William Ludington will deliver welcome remarks at 9:00am.
The full schedule is included below.

 8:00am   -  Breakfast

 9:00am   -  Joseph Gall & William Ludington


 9:15am   -  Jocelyne DiRuggiero

 "Microbial communities from extreme deserts: stress response and small non-coding RNAs

 9:50am   -  Stefan Sievert

 "Life underground: Subseafloor microbial communities at deep-sea hot springs

10:30am  -  Rick Grosberg

 "Obstacles and opportunities in the evolution of multicellularity: controlling cheaters and controlling development"

11:00am  -  Coffee

11:30am  -  Deborah Gordon // Keynote 

 "The ecology of collective behavior"

12:30pm  -  Lunch

 2:00pm   -  Linda Rayor

 "Costs and benefits of group-living in social huntsman spiders"

 2:40pm  -  Raghu Parthasarathy

 "Bacterial behaviors and the physical landscape of the zebrafish gut"

 3:30pm  -  Alison Gould

 "Developing a vertebrate model to investigate symbiont specificity across scales

 4:00pm  -  Happy Hour