Postdoctoral studies enable researchers to transition successfully into careers as independent scientists. It is a time to broaden ones skills and experience, and especially to develop a signature research program with which to establish a personal scientific identity and new research laboratory. Postdocs at the Department of Embryology join a long tradition of outstanding individuals who have gone on to highly successful careers. Several factors are likely to explain the exceptional record of Carnegie-trained researchers. Above all, the Carnegie style is ideally suited to stimulate creative ventures that open up the new opportunities needed for a successful postdoc. Moreover, postdocs at Carnegie operate within a training environment that maximizes the acquisition of the skills and knowledge that will be useful in their future endeavors. The department as a whole maintains a broad scientific base in the biological sciences through numerous departmental seminars, symposia, journal clubs, and progress reports that maximize scientific exchanges and interactions. There is a strong emphasis on enhancing the ability of postdocs to effectively present their research in both written and oral form. Finally, with its location in the thriving Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, and on the Johns Hopkins University campus, the department is well-positioned for diverse scientific interactions and collaborations.