The Department of Embryology has provided outstanding opportunities for graduate students since its inception in 1914. Graduate training is possible in any of the seven laboratories within the department. Although each lab has a separate scientific focus, the department as a whole maintains a broad scientific base in biological sciences through numerous scientific exchanges and interactions (departmental seminars and symposia, journal clubs and progress reports). These and more informal interactions provide students and postdocs with broad training in biological sciences. With its location on the Johns Hopkins University Arts and Sciences campus and scientific affiliations with the Carnegie Institution and Johns Hopkins University, the department also provides extensive opportunities for scientific collaboration.

Graduate Study in Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Each principal investigator at Carnegie holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Biology at Johns Hopkins. Graduate students in biology at Johns Hopkins can thus carry out thesis research in any of the laboratories in the Department of Embryology. The Biology and Embryology departments are situated approximately 1/4 mile apart, and are both on the tree-lined Arts and Sciences campus of Johns Hopkins University. Biology graduate students who choose to carry out their thesis research at Carnegie remain full members of the Biology department and participate fully in coursework and teaching experience that is part of the graduate program.

Applicants to the Biology Department should address materials directly to Johns Hopkins University. Forms and information can be obtained from the Department (Department of Biology, Johns Hopkins University 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210; Tel: (410) 516-7330 or from the departmental website.