The Carnegie Collaborative Fellowship program aims to identify, on a yearly basis, one or two exceptionally creative graduate students who are capable of thinking outside the mainstream and to tailor a postdoctoral experience that will allow them to pursue a research program that exceeds the boundaries of any single laboratory. For example, a fellow might initiate research on a process in the mouse or Zebrafish and also address key aspects in a model invertebrate. Fellows will work on their project as simultaneous group members of two Carnegie faculty who combined can provide supporting expertise. Our Department already shares space, equipment and research supplies, and has a strong tradition of faculty collaboration. Moreover, for over 30 years we have nurtured independent, interactive young scientists through our Staff Associate program. Consequently, the Collaborative Fellowship provides an intermediate path between a traditional postdoctoral experience and complete independence, but one that will seamlessly fit into the scientific life of the department. The period of the fellowship is four years, and stipend levels will be competitive with other private fellowships.